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Available Packages

Starting from £22.00 per hour

Silver Package 0-10 hours

Startup Plan

Helping small businesses with completing their to do list. This package is perfect for those needing help with managing their diary, mobile services, customer services and administration.

Gold Package 11-20 hours

Team Plan

Our most popular package. It is simply perfect for businesses requiring additional help with their book keeping and administration, as well as operational needs. If your business is not quite in a position to take on a full time employee or your mobile services means that you don't have the space to take on staff, then this may be what you are looking for.We can offer multiple services under any package.

Platinum Package 20 hours +

Premium Plan

Now we're talking business, our ultimate package allows you to use your expertise where it matters the most in your business. Not only will you have time to focus on aspects of your business that requires only your attention, it will help you stay ahead of the game, to plan, implement and drive your success moving forward.

Adhoc tasks


Do you have a one off task that simply needs to be completed, but never gets done? This is perfect for individuals who need a helping hand now. Call us today to discuss your adhoc requirement and don't put off the inevitable. We will be able to find a solution and give you an estimated time frame for completion.

Project Package

Customised Plan

This is your description. Write a short overview including a description of your plan or service, important features and any other relevant info for a potential customer.

Packages: Plans & Pricing
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