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Your Virtual Assistant

Your one stop va service is a one stop shop for all your business needs. I am a highly skilled virtual assistant with experience in both the private and public sector. Able to work to the value of the organisation and display high standards of integrity and professionalism towards my clients and their customer base. From customer services, administration and accounts to document writing, human resources and property management. Our slogan is exactly as it says, virtually saving you time and money in reality. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.

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Administrative Support

Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and I am here to help. From taking customer calls to answering online enquiries, I’ll make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve. I will actively spend time with you to learn every inch of your business and support you to make certain that operations run smoothly and success continues for years to come.

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No matter the size, every business needs an accounts system and process in place. Start ups and small businesses generally start looking at this side of their business a little later on in their journey, because the priority is to make their idea a reality and turn that reality into a success. However, this is one of the most important areas of your business and many businesses fail due to lack of understanding where financial matters are concerned. We can support you with book keeping, managing your income and expediture, current and future forecasts, as well as HMRC matters. Speak with us today about your business needs.

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Customer Service

Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane tasks, day in and day out? I am dedicated and attentive when it comes to managing your calendar appointments, emails, and many other tasks that come up. Maybe your work is mobile and requires planning? Get in touch to learn how I can help to free up your time from operations so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Property Management

Renting out a property for holiday purposes can take time and effort. We can deal with it from start to finish. From managing the bookings, calandar and cleaning to communication, concerns and queries.Do you rent out a property all year round? We can support you with maintenance queries, licences, keeping up to date with your certificates and so much more. Book a FREE Consultation to discuss your portfolio today.

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Policy and Document Writing

Policy documents are necessary to solidify standard codes of conduct and appropriate behavior. They are the framework that your organisation is built on, reflecting both your values and vision. They will guide your employees to success in their daily operations. We can help you with drafting new policies, updating old ones and revising them annually or when necessary to keep them upto date and relevant to your business in line with legislation.

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HR Support

We offer outsourced human resource support. From job advertising and interviews to employment contracts and staff management, we are here to help. Outsourcing your HR gives you the advantage of having both strategic expertise and tactical knowledge. Speak with us today about your HR needs.

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More About Us

In our competitive market, your growing business needs support. One stop VA is a full service Virtual Assistant Service, offering top quality virtual assistant services. Our assistants’ skills drive productivity, no matter what industry you’re in. Get your schedule back on track and take your life back. Contact us today to see what one stop VA can do for you.

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